Dried Sour Cherry

Dried Sour Cherry (sundried)

This is natural sun dried type sour cherry. In July-August, fresh sour cherries are harvested and naturally dried under the sun without any preservative . After transporting to our factory, they are carefully cleaned, selected and packed in our processing plant. With or without pit is available.

Dried Sour Cherry, Sundried

Dried Sour Cherry, (oven dried), sugar or apple juice infused

Fresh Turkish Sour cherries are harvested in July-August period and kept in stock as frozen year long. When we receive the order, frozen cherries are took out of stocks and they are firstly defrosted. Then we process them with osmotic dehydration technique. This is a low temperature water removal process which preserves color, enhances flavor, intensifies aroma and improves texture. Extraction of acidic fruit juice and uptake of sugar by fruits give a sweeter product than conventionally dried one. Fruits are immersed in sugar solution for several days, then gently oven-dried to a specific moisture content, individually checked, slightly oil sprayed to prevent clumping and packed.

Dried Cherries are plump, have chewy and juicy texture, condensed fruity flavour, attractive appearance and natural aroma, optimum moisture level, with long shelf life, lower calorific value compared to candied or glaced fruit.

Dried Sour Cherry, Oven Dried, sugar or apple juice infused



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